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11th Annual CSP Focus China 2021

October 28-29, China

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Session One - CSP Development under "Net Zero" Goal of China

  1. Policy Analysis: CSP Opportunities in RE Matrix in China

  2. The Merits and Challenges of CSP, and the countermeasures

  3. Status Quo and Prospects of CSP Development

  4. Technology Innovation and Design Optimization of Peak Load Parabolic Trough CSP

  5. Engineering Optimization of CSP + PV / Wind

  6. Multi-Energy Complement RE Complex with Long Duration Storage CSP

  7. Panel Discussions – CSP Development under "Net Zero" Goal of China 

Session Two - CSP Plant Performance and Industry Green Transition

  1. Plant Performance of Cerro Dominador and Chile CSP Potential

  2. 24/7 Power at Low Daytime PV Prices

  3. Performance and O&M Lessons of Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Tower CSP Plant

  4. Best Practices of 100MW Urat Trough CSP Plant

  5. First Commercial Molten Salt CLFR - 50MW Dacheng Dunhuang CSP Plant

  6. CSP EPC Experience Sharing and Update on Redstone Project in South Africa

Session Three - CSP New Builds Update and Future Auctions Worldwide

  1. Challenges and Perspectives of Solar Energy in Spain

  2. Hybrid with other REs – Win Win Strategy of CSP

  3. CSP Performance and Future Auctions in Spain

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